Are you ready to stop chasing your dreams and actually start LIVING them!  Its time, It’s YOU time to step into your power and IGNITE YOUR LIGHT.


While I believe we all already have everything we need within us, working with a coach to help you highlight those strengths or navigate those murky confused waters can be extremely helpful.  Have you ever walked around looking for your glasses and they were already on your head?! (I was a swimmer and did this with my googles all the time) Hasn’t it been helpful when someone points out, hey! - your glasses are on year head. See, you had them all along, even when you THOUGHT and FELT like you didn’t know where they were.  This is like your light, you already have it, but maybe need a little help to point you in the right direction.   

Working with me, I create a safe, comfortable space for you to feel heard, explore and release your liming beliefs, and make your life and dreams your priority.  It’s time to shine and ignite your light! 

Are you ready?...

 Do you currently find yourself throughout your day bored or know you are meant for something more but unsure what?

Do you want to make healthier habits but unsure where to start? 

Do you want to deepen your personal growth but can’t seem to follow through?

 Is there a fire within you wanting to come out but you feel scared or unsure?

 Do you find yourself often saying “One day…. I will…” and never actually doing it?

 Are you interested in personal development and growth (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and don’t know where to start, or keep saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

 Well tomorrow is TODAY and that time is NOW!

I know, It can feel extremely exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’ve been there.  And it’s so worth it.  Stop living life how you (or others) thing it “should” be and start living your dream. 

 Here’s what you get: 

*removal around limiting beliefs and blocks that may make us feel stuck with absolutely no judgements and completely supported

*change your mindset confusion and find CLARITY

*find emotional freedom, don’t let your emotions rule your life

*learn how to structure your life for your optimal efficiency and happiness

*connect and commutate better with others and yourself, including necessary boundaries

*accountability check ins throughout the time we work together

*empowerment to take action now, building confidence and self-esteem

Learn how to THRIVE


Are you tried of the “same ol same ol.”  And When people ask “how are you?” the immediate response is “good…busy…you?” and not even wait or listen for the answer?  

I want to teach you everything I learned from my personal journey, what I’ve learned through getting my LPC, yoga and meditation teacher trainings, and everything in between.  I already know you have the strength and abilities to be everything you want and dream to be.  You got this!

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