Gluten Free Finds*

Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a severe autoimmune disease, in December 2018, turning my lifestyle upside down and around to make sure everything is gluten free was not an easy task and is still a struggle everyday. Below are products I’ve found that are either: certified gluten free, says gluten free on the label, or I have contacted the company about their facilities and personally feel confident in using their products.

*****Disclaimer: However, everybody and every BODY is different. Therefore, I always encourage doing your own research and speaking to your healthcare professional for what works for you.

I also travel a decent amount and on the road, so I also included the Berkey filter I use for water, the travel utensil set I have and exploring the portable hot logic portable food warmer.

I also included some gluten free shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, and makeup.

Have any other amazing gluten free finds? I’m always the lookout. :)

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