Creating a safe space in a comfortable environment to explore, discover, and ignite your inner light, in all aspects of life.



life coaching

Coaching will develop a new insight into yourself and help create the life you truly want to live.  Using my background as a Licensed Professional Counselor, we'll work collaboratively to set goals and take action into your life, turning hard-work into heart-work.  Are you ready to step into the life that's waiting for you?



Teaching yoga is more than just teaching the different asanas (postures).  It is fostering a mind, body, and spirit connection using breath and movement.  I cultivated my teaching method with 200hr certification in vinyasa yoga and a certification in restorative yoga.  Our sessions can include teachings on asanas, breath work, history of yoga, linking yoga with mental health and more.

life coaching + yoga

I am passionate about blending life coaching and counseling techniques into my yoga practice honoring the connections between the fields.  I offer personalized packages that include coaching and yoga.




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