Creating a safe space in a comfortable environment to explore, discover, and ignite your inner light, in all aspects of life.



life coaching

Coaching will develop a new insight into yourself and help create the life you truly want to live.  Using my background as a Licensed Professional Counselor, we'll work collaboratively to set goals and take action into your life, turning hard-work into heart-work.  Are you ready to step into the life that's waiting for you?


Teaching yoga is more than just teaching the different asanas (postures).  It is fostering a mind, body, and spirit connection using breath and movement.  I cultivated my teaching method with 200hr certification in vinyasa yoga and a certification in restorative yoga.  Our sessions can include teachings on asanas, breath work, history of yoga, linking yoga with mental health and more.


I am passionate about blending all of my knowledge and personal experiences and sharing them with you. I offer many different services in efforts to help as many of you as I can. This includes free meditations every Monday, namaste newbies - yoga course, life coaching on individual basis, essential oils, and some of my favorite things from yoga, to gluten free from being diagnosed with celiac disease, my favorite books, and more.  


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